Park Party

What is Park Party?


when a huge amount of people get together and do what they would normally do at a house party but at a park. Including drinking,smoking,shooting up pretty much anything but dancing. Park parties never have music. Unlike keggers every park partty is BYOB no one supplies alcohol not even the park party host.

A park party host is the person (or people) that chooses the park and tell everyone they know where it is and how to get there. Park parties dont start at a perticular time usualy when it gets dark and people have picked up.

Park parties are usually planned out when there arent any house parties and when it will be warm. they are extremely rare in the winter and can be canselled in an instant if it's raining. Park parties have an order that they follow and almost always end up like this:

1.Host shows up and welcomes people

2.Most people arrive within an hour of it starting

3. People begin to get drunk and high by 9.30

4.Nearby civillians dont approve of such noisy drunk teenagers distrubing the peace and call the police

5. One police car shows up and every single kid runs as fast as they can down the sreet untill they are at least 500 meters from the cop car even if no one was chasing them and the cops didnt even leave their car

Most people hate park parties becuase they get busted, the only place to hook up is a bench or behind a tree. Also lots of fight occur at park parties more then house parties because people are more tenst since park parties are sketch when people are stressed and drunk they tend to turn on each other.

person 1: hey is there anything goin on tonite?

person2: Naw man no house jams everyonesparents are in town

person1: lets start a park party then

person2: yea it would be a shame to waste all this alcohol after we bought it for the weekend

person1: let me text every single person on my contacts to tell the to come to rosedale park at 9

person2: we are so gona get laid!

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