Park School

What is Park School?


park school is where wealthy people who aren't preppy go. instead of wearing lilly, ralph lauren, or lacosteeveryday (although many do, just not in a preppy way), they where juicy, true religion, sevens, hardtail, junk food, etc. and if there not wearing jeans, there wearing bat mitzvah apparal instead. park believes in a free atmosphere, so when you walk in you'll see kids running around, yet they are still learning. the kids at park all think they are stupid, but compared to people that don't go to park they are geniuses. park is probably the jappiest school of all, and everyone who goes there is at least a little rich. in the parking lot you will see many suv's and minivans, and also lots of mercedes and bmw's. everyone, and i repeat, EVERYONE is jewish. during the weekend all they do is party and go from bat mitzvahafter bar mitzvahand the only reason they stay awake during the week is because they go to starbucks at least 3 times a day.

park school student #1: so what are you wearing tommorow?

park school student #2: oh well, i didn't have time to go shopping this weekend because of all the bat mitzvahs, so i think i'm just gonna wear my old juicy zip up with the sweatpants from jacob's bar mitzvah.

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