Park Trash

What is Park Trash?


Group of kids (normally between 10-16 years old) who hang out at the town's parks, playing on playground equipment meant for kids half their age. These kids are usually the ones who leave cigarette butts on the slide, spraypaint "fuck yew" on the halfpipe, and yell "you're not my mother/father" when any adult asks them to make room for the little kids.

Typically lowlifes from shitty families, these kids have zero going for them and are just biding time at the parks before they grow up and get assigned an inmate number at one of our fine correctional institutions.

Kid: "Daddy, can we go to the park and ride our bikes."

Dad: "No way. There's too much park trash hanging around there. I might end up beating the shit out of one of them."

See white trash, punk kid


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