What is Parsnip?


The female form of man parts.

"hannah, i love your parsnip!"

See va jay jay, vagina, pussy


Parsnip. A grime term for circumcision.

Geeza 1 : Yeah man, got ma foreskin snipped off innit

Geeze 2: Rags man! Dats a par!

Geeza 1: Yeah man, some fucking parsnip ting.

(par-snip, cos its a snip dats a par, get me)

See circumcision, ting, par, grime, rags, snip


coded term for cigarillo, be it CAO, swisher, or any other tasty tobacco treat

"Titties man, I could really go for a parsnip!"

See baccy, fags, bob, tobacco, the grove, waterfront


Some vegetable that's fuzzy or something. Who really knows for sure?

Dude, what the hell is a parsnip?


When a male deficates on a womans face then waits until it is dry and continues by forcing the fecal matter into the womans mouth and procedes to face fuck her leaving an oatmeal pie like substance in her mouth.

"Hey Darnell will you give me a parsnip"

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