What is Pawnshop?


n. Cash machine for a crackhead.

"Imma get some skank-ass shit in dis mofo."

"Fo shizzle, I gots to hit da pawnshop first."


A Daycare for drug addicts,and the mentally challenged in need of serious help.

A customer walks into the pawnshop to sell a Playstation 2, brings in a Nokia phone charger as the power cord. The customer then goes home to get the right charger, and brings in another wrong charger. Example #2: Customer comes to the pawnshop to sell a microwave ... and forgets to take out his lunch.

See pawn shop, daycare, hell, prison, SLO


See the following website DiversifiedBuySellTrade for the true meaning.

Yo! Grande Baller Shops at the Pawnshop. Word Playa!


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