What is P.e.?


A punk rock, hip hop group from Huntington Beach, California that created the genre G-Punk, meaning Gangster Punk.

Previously signed to Jive.Currently Signed to Suburban Noize.

The band also goes by the names, HeD (pe) or (Hed) Planet Earth

Current members include the following:

* Jahred Shane aka M.C.U.D (Paolo Sergio Gomes) - vocals - Original member

* DJ Product © 1969 (Doug Boyce) - turntables/back vocals - Original member

* Mawk (Mark Young) - bass guitar - Original member

* Jaxon (Jackson Benge) - guitar - Joined after Blackout tour

* Tiny Bubz (Anthony Biuso) - drums - Replaced Devin Lebsack

Ex. Members include the following:

* Devin Lebsack - drums / Joined after signing to Suburban Noize Records, left after recording Insomnia

* Moke (Mark Bistany) - drums / Joined in 2004, left after Back 2 Base X

* Chizad (Chad Benekos) - guitar / Since beginning, left after recording Blackout/(creative differences)/ is in a band called Duress

* B.C. (Ben Vaught) - drums / Since beginning, left after Blackout release /(creative/personal differences but still has good relations with former bandmates)

* Wesstyle (Wes Geer) - guitar / Since beginning, left after Blackout release (for a lifestyle change)

* Sonny Mayo - guitar / Joined only to support Blackout tour

* The Finger (Ken Sachs) - keyboard / Since beginning, left after Church Of Realities, but still has good relations with band

* TiLo (Tim Murray) - back vocals / Hed's roadie, later joined Methods of Mayhem)

* Christopher Hendrich - drums / Played only on demo versions of "CBC", "Stepping Stone" and "War"; these versions were featured on hedrocks in early 2004.

* Brier Crain - drums / Played on demo versions on debut album.

Guy1: Who's (HeD) p.e.?

Guy2: A G-punk band that mixes rap and punk rock on Subnoize Records from Huntington Beach, California. You should listen to there stuff!

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a rock/hip hop fusion grip from orange county california they take metal and mix it with rap, hip hop, hardcore and alternative to make a truly unique sound. they often have line up changes

dude do you have (hed) p.e.'s new CD it kicks ass

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