What is Pecker?


a dick. What more do you want me to say?

Also a person who pecks. Go figure.

I used my pecker to peck at my wife's vagina. I eventually fucked her good.


UK Usage...

this is one of those *funky* double entendres that I absolutely love... In the UK, pecker does not mean a dick. )It's used in the expression "keep your pecker up", which means "cheer up!"

"Keep your pecker up, dude! Everything's gonna be ok". In the US, I guess, that will mean "Get a hard on now, dude" (lol)


1. The penis.

2. The head of the penis.

3. A small penis.


the penis(see also, cock, pecker tracks, peckerwood, and peckerhead)

His pecker was sore because he masturbated too much.


Penis, if you don't know what a penis is you are to young to be on this site.

john can lick his own pecker, he should be an yoga instructor.

See dick, dong, shlong, wang, cock, wood


one's penis

Peter Oller put his own "pecker" up his bung holeo


How a European or British individual would say "penis" but uses the replacement word "pecker" often pronounced "pecka"

English: Bro, i wanna rock out with my cock out

British: oi then, i really wanna penetrate you with me pecka

Hence, the example of pecker

See pecker, balls, fun


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