What is Peearrhea?


1. A watery form of diarrhea that resembles peeing from the anus.

2. Taking a liquid diarrhea dump.

Vince: Uh oh I've got diarrhea... gotta find a toilet pronto!

Mike: 1st door on the left jabroni.

Vince is making a splashy mess in the toilet bowl. 10 minutes later...

Mike: Everything come out alright Vince?

Vince: Man, I think I peed from my butt.

Mike: Oh man, you had peearrhea! That can be dangerous.

Vince: Tell me about it. I made a splashy mess in there.

See diarrhea, poop, toilet


having the feeling one's blatter is never relieved. usually associated with breaking the seal.

Man, I broke the seal, now I have peearrhea!

See drinking, diarrhea, breaking the seal, pee


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