What is Pelado?


Spanish word for punk, dude, etc. Other examples could be vato, guay...

Jose: Oye Pelado, dame ese naranja, me la quiero comer!

Hey Dude, give me that orange, I wanna eat it!

Sorro: No Pelado, vete a comer una manzana!

No Dude, go eat an apple!

See dude, pelado, guay, punk, boy


dirty mexican guys who will hit on any woman they see. think girls are desirable by the time they're 13. usually work in construction, painting, though not all constructions workers are necessarily pelados.easily recognizable because they look sleazy. lock up your daughters and avoid construction sites.

pelado: 'ey chiquitita, ven p'aca

hey litte girl come over here

father: pinches pelados gueyes, no les hagas caso, m'hija.

fucking pelados, don't pay attention to them, sweetheart.

See sleazy, wetback, disgrace


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