What is Pensy?


A shorter name for Pennsylvania

Pronouced PEN-see, it is not normally used in writing, but in speaking only.

Mostly used by New Jerseyans who live near the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border

1: Where'd you get those fireworks? They're illegal here in Jersey!

2: Yeah, I had to go to Pensy to buy them.

Why's that guy doing 45 in the left lane?

Oh, check those Pensy plates.

See pensy, pennsylvania, pa, pennsyltucky


Cheap internet whore who leads someone to believe that she loves them and wants to have a relationship but in reality just seeks "computer boyfriends" who lavish her with attention. When she becomes bored of her current one, ie he becomes too serious about the relationship/becomes too involved in terms of his life, she gets rid of him and moves onto the next person.

Tell tale signs of if you've encountered her are if she begins to talk about how she lives with her ex-fiance who still wants to marry her, despite the fact that they broke off their engagement in 1995 but stopped having sex 1 year before you begin talking with her. Another sign is that she tells you you're the first person that she has feelings for over the internet.

If encountering her, flame her as much as possible. That's the only self defence.

Man, that pensy is one e-whore. She deserves to die.


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