Peter Murphy

What is Peter Murphy?


1. The front man of Bauhaus.

2. God Incarnate on this earth.

3. A pivitol figure in the whole Gothic movement and early Gothic rock scene.


"Peter Murphy is god."

"No...that would be Rozz Williams."

"No! I must profusely diasagree! Siouxsie Sioux is God."


*blank stares to the last fellow who disagreed with Peter Murphy's god like status.*


1. the the lead singer of Bauhaus, then in a solo carrer

2. the best voice that has ever graced to walk this earth

3. best concert giver EVER

4. if you dont like him, you suck

-Hey, I went to go see that Peter Murphy concert at the Masquerade

~YOU DID!!!! I would give anything to be you right now. Peter Murphy is amazing.


Basically God. He was the lead singer of Bauhaus and he still rules. I saw him on May 22nd at the Roseland Theatre in Portland, OR and I was in one of the very front rows.

Peter Murphy currently has white, balding hair that he spikes up rooster-style and sports a kickass trench coat.


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