Peter Wentz.

What is Peter Wentz.?


Yes, 'Pete' wentz does have an 'R' on the end. =/

Pretty self obsessed.

Although he is very normal.

Pretty good clothes disigner (i have a few of his shit myself)


doesn't give a shit about you writting shit about him.

Makes everybody jealous because of all his sweet hoodies.

Met him a couple of times, it was true, he IS an asshole.

But so are you(:

Likes to jump off things on stage

then tends to think he's massive cool because he goes out into the crowd. (which is nice:D)

teenie bopper "omfggggg ii LLLOOVEEEE p3+3r //3n+z!"

real fall out boy fan "1, his name is Peter wentz. 2, do you know what the song 7 minutes in heaven is even about?"

teenie "Isn't 7 minutes in heaven a game?"

real fan "=/ stfu please."

See hemingway, porn, p33n, fugly


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