What is P.g.?



1. acronym for Pretty Girl

-gorgeous, attractive, smart, hott, cute lady

2. also stands for Pilipina Girl

-a native girl from the Philippine Islands.

3. acronym for Perv Girl or Pervert Girl

-a term you use on an innocent sweet woman but you realize that she's also a closet horny, playful, naughty dudette.

4. -definitions of 1, 2, and 3 combined

Brian: "I love you, Aisha! You're my P.G.!"

Aisha: "I love you too, Brian! And you're my P.B.!"

(for the meaning of P.B., please look up P.B. in the slangdefine).

See pervert, horny, hott, grr, pretty


stands for, "Pass Gas" ;to have farted.

Person 1: "Hey did you just P.G.?"

Person 2: "What? No."

Person 1: "Ok weird, I totally thought you passed gas."

See fart, pass, gas, farting, farts, ass


A term for Prince George's county, Maryland. Part of the DMV area (District of Colombia, Maryland and Virginia).

"This is D.C. chillin', P.G. chillin', my name Wale and I came to get it" - Wale, "Chillin"

See pg, dmv, maryland, dc, wale, md


The inability to use profanity laced speech around a parent, teacher or other adult

" Watch your language because P.G. is in the room"

See profanity, language, words, speech


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