Phantom Dump

What is Phantom Dump?


The curious turd, which following its natural passage from arse to toilet, does not require your arse to be wiped. Phantom dumps are usually detected upon effecting the wipe procedure. Examination of the toilet paper reveals that you have been haunted/visited by a phantom dump.

"Hey man, I've just had a phantom dump"

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When your defecation conceals itself in the drain of the toilet prior to being flushed.


Man 2: What is it friendo?

Man 1: I just took the biggest dump but it's nowhere to be found!

Man 2: Dude...I think you've been the victim of a Phantom Dump.

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The act of defecating in a unorthodox location. Perhaps a mailbox, sneaker,notebook, or golf hole. The chagrin and befuddlement of those who discover it is the payoff.

Tom: Dude, I can't believe you phantom dumped in Elmer's chocolate milk.

Chris: That was retribution for the dead leg he gave me yesterday.

Tom: I'd say your even now.

Chris: word.

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When you take a dump in a shoebox, or other innocent looking receptacle. You then leave it somewhere where it blends in with its surroundings. The horrible smell emanating from the box makes people have to search through everything to find it.

Ericha really pissed me off, so I took a phantom dump in a shoebox and hid it under her bed. She'll probably find it after searching around for it later.

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When you take a shit in a toilet and leave without flushing leaving it for the next person who eneters the bathroom often performed in hotels,friends,restaurants,hospitals and gas stations. More than one person can perform a phantom dump in the same toilet.

We all took a phantom dump in the bathroom at Shell.

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