What is P.i.?




(your persona, what the general observer thinks of your style)

D.J.: "Did you hear what happened that Asian kid Wang Chung?"

B.J.: "Yeah, he got busted big time."

D.J.: "I can't believe he really made fake tests with D's and F's on them so that people would think he's a slacker, when really he's a straight-A student who studies all the time."

B.J.: "Yeah you know something's gotta be fishy when an Asian kid is failing."

D.J.: "That'll really cramp your stylethough, getting busted like that. It's gotta kill your P.I."

B.J.: "Yeah, but the thing is, his parents already killed it by naming him after that goofy 80's song."

D.J.: "Kind of like when my parents named me 'Disc Jockey'. But I got over it. Eventually."

B.J.: "Man, you do NOT wanna know what my real name is... By the way, I'm gay."

See Nick D


Pimpin, havin a million dollar mouthpiece.

I'm so damn p.i....i let the game unfold...i got her legs spread..like a field goal pole...honey chick from oakland...tasty and savory...we met...we met at merrit bakery


iz tha action of a group beating up a single individual or a smaller group

gz get P.I.ed as an initiation to get into a gang

or for their birthday

la cacane a stLuc


The enormous fluffy gathering of hair above a man's lip in the 80s and unfortunately after the 2000 switch that resembles the actor Tom Selleck in his hit TV show Magnum P.I.

Dude did you check out that guys P.I.? That was massive!

Oh my god look at that man eat it's like he is storing food in his P.I. for consumption later!

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Abbreviation of:

Prison Issue

Used to describe someone who looks like they are straight outta the slamma

Or perhaps a weapon can be P.I. like a handcrafted knife would be P.I. shit

Lets say your at a Denny's Restaurant and your waitress has more tattoos than a Miami Inc. Banner than she would be considered P.I.

Everyone would refer to her as P.I.

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Pussy-Itis, Puss-Itis, Pussy Itch. Being whiny and bitchy over a small, often imaginary injury.

Kid 1: Owww! You hurt my finger, I don't wanna play anymore.

Kid 2: Dude, you've got a major case of P.I.

See pussyitis, pussitis, pi, p.i.


Pleasure Island. The place where every night is New Year's Eve (how corny is that!). Owned by Disney but so not kid-friendly cuz you can get drunk, party, and have the night of your life.

If you've never been, check out Comedy Warehouse, Motion, and 8TRAX. They even have a gay club called Manequins. o_O

Just look for the tons of spotlights glaring in the sky, and a big neon sign of Jessica Rabbit.

"Some friend and I are goin to P.I. tonight, wanna come?"

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