Picture Me Rollin

What is Picture Me Rollin?


When Somebody Hates/Nags/Talks Down On You And You Know Your Gonna Be Better Than They Are In The Future You Say... Picture Me Rollin

Hater #1:Man Your Nothin Your Wack Son

Hater #2: Your Gonna Fail All Your Life

You: Ay You Know What? Picture Me Rollin!

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One of Tupac Shakur's finest songs. I listen to it everytime I feel I've overcome an obstacle and/or proved a haterwrong.

Number one on my list, Clinton Correctional facilities, all you bitch asses, can you niggas see me from there? Ballin on ya'll punk asses!

All you punk po-leece.n you see me? Am I clear to ya? Picture me rollin, legit, free like OJ all day!

Anytime ya'll wanna see me again, rewind this track right here, close ya eyes, and picture me rollin.

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