Picture Reminder

What is Picture Reminder?


The act of helping someone remember something by sending them a picture or photo.

Could be an event, a thing or an actioncaught on film that someone doesn't remember or "says" they don't remember (a.k.a. plausibledeniability or just denial)

I can't believe you don't remember what you did last night, let me send you a picturereminder.

Did you say you never wore those hideousclothes, I'll send you a picture reminder of you in them?

See photo, picture, video, remember, cite, get, learn, memorialize, memorize, mind, recall, recognize, recollect, reminisce, retain, retrospect, ring a bell, treasure, account, art, blueprint, canvas, cartoon, copy, depiction, doodle, double, draft, drawing, effigy, figure, icon, image, outline, painting, photograph, piece, portrait, print, replica, report, ringer, simulacrum, sketch, spectacle, statue, twin, adornment, decoration, design, etching, plate, snapshot, vignette


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