What is Piele?


South African

Word used for when things are going great.

Hierdie party is piele bra


This party is awesome bro.

See piel, cock, dick


Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French pervertir, from Latin pervertere to overturn, corrupt, pervert, from per- thoroughly + vertere to turn --


1 a : to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right or what is generally done or accepted b : one given to some form of sexual perversion c : an aberrant sexual practice especially when habitual and preferred to normal coitus d : someone which has these characteristics and can act upon: bastardize, bestialize, brutalize, corrupt, debauch, demoralize, deprave, warp

Piele's are perverted. These are the people that you want to keep from dating your older or younger sister or cousin or next door neighbor because all they want to do is to defile them.

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