What is P.i.l.f.?


"President I'd like to fuck." - Finally women will be able to use ilf-isms with style and class.

Future President of the United States Barack Obama is the P.I.L.F. of my dreams.

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Priest I'd Like to Fuck

An internationally known Catholic priest sometimes called "Father Oprah" has been removed from his posts in Florida after published photos showed that the P.I.L.F. was lying down bare-chested in an embrace with a woman on a beach.

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President I'd Like To Fuck. Should Hillary win, it will be the first time in our nations history that (straight) men will be able to use this phrase PILF in regard to our commander in chief. This is revolutionary.

Hillary's looking good today in her business casual skirt. She sure is a P.I.L.F.

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Poppa I'd Like to Fuck, could also be used as D.I.L.F. or F.I.L.F. (Daddy or Father, respectively).

I was damn sexy before, but now that my baby was born I'm a P.I.L.F.

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