Pimpin It Woodtick

What is Pimpin It Woodtick?


a phrase : used to exclaim when you have enhanced,to your satisfaction, any of your belongings or character/activities by means which are suitable to your budget (free)IE; folding your car's wiper arms to their "up" position,turning them on and driving to(listening to led zeppelin) walmart to play video games(free) wearing(as a tanktop) a plastic shopping bag from abercrombie that you cut the bottom out of. All or part or all of this definition may be an exageration of the truth, which is another example of "pimpin it woodtick".

"Down Stater" looking at terry pulling an airbed behind his boat: Man ! that guy is "pimpin it woodtick" .

See wit, ud, woodtick, optical rectalitis, nascar, nascarsistic


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