What is Pine Valley Middle School?


a little piece of oakland in the very white san ramon. basically looks like and jail and basically is one. half the staff are homos, the kids pretty much have no lives. some drugs but no good ones. most kids can't wait till cal high so they can do good drugs like cocaine. most kids are either trying to be bwhite, black, or something that they're not, cause the streets of san ramon are so tough.the school counselor thinks that everyone entering the offic is on drugs and suicidal and she's pretty much right. if someones not being suspended or expelled, ther're blazing up in the gym so the can. pretty much the worst experience that you'll ever have. took out the soda this year...like thats gonna help, most of the kids are on drugs not caffine. the kids aren't very bright and they get shorter every year. do not go there if you have the choice, you will regret it.

adult: are you feeling ok

student: no i'm high

adult: oh well, as long as you don't killyourself..n i have some


adult: hold on let me get my lover


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