What is Pissie?


There are two sorts of pissies, male and female. Pissies share many things with such cratures as: scallynedtowniewiggar and jock, but still differ so much from the before mentioned to fall into their own category. They can be found daytime at the smoking place of a high school and after 20:00 (8:00 PM) around the railway stations, malls, parks and some music events in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Female pissies can often be spotted on the backseat of ricers.

A female pissie is one who wears skanky clothing, make-up in excess and has a habit of drinking herself drunk with wine or cider untill she pees on herself, hence the name.

Outer signs of a female pissie are:

- Cider or wine bottle after 20:00 (8:00 PM)

- Very low and tight jeans, or a mini-skirt

- Phat pink shoelaces

- Strings that are visible due to the low jeans. Always a very screaming color to make sure they are visible.

- A too small top, usually a hideous color like bright pink.

- Too short jacket in wintertime.

- Huge ear rings

- Talking to the phone on subjects like " *giggle* I'm so drunk I'm gonna pee myself soon!!!!11"

A male pissie is a person who drinks at least double the amount he can physically bear, usually hangs out with female pissies.

Outer signs are:

- Beer or spirits bottle after 20:00 (8:00 PM)

- Jeans which have the legs partially tucked into the socks (usually white tennis socks)

- Sk8ing shoes (trainers are a baaad mistake in pissie ethiquette)

- Gold chain around neck. Other kind of bling blingis desirable but not mandatory.

- T-shirts and hoodies sporting huge logos.

- An expensive mobile phone.

- Big permanent markers for making tags

General habits:

Binge drinking. If there are no parties at anyone pissies gather to the mall, railway station or parks and break out a vast sortiment of alcoholic beverages.

There are three stages in pissie drinking

- Drinking and wondering how one isn't drunk yet.

- Turning giggly or into a loud asshole depending on gender.

- The first person throws up.

- Getting hammered. This stage usually involves a severe risk of STD transmission. Dialing up some of the 200 people on the mobile phone contacts-list is also very common.

- Staggering home drunk (optional)

- Waking up next day very hung over and in case of a female pissie, make-up smeared all over the face.

Pissies also have an annoying habit to pee, shit or throw up anywhere when intoxicated.

If someone tries to take a picture of a pissie they take a "sexy" pose within seconds.

Examples of pissie talk:

"*giggle* I'm sooo drunk I'm gonna pee my pants soon!!!11 Pass me the cider!1"

"Is there anything more to drink around?"

"Nothing except Sabina's wine, but it's horrible."

"Whatever, I just need something to drink..."


"You won't guess what we did last night!"

"What did you do?"

"We ran drunk and naked through the parking hall at the mall."

"hahahahaha" (laughing in a choir)


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