Pittsburgh Platter

What is Pittsburgh Platter?


To deficate on a glass table while someone watches from below.

She squatted out a hot steamy Pittsburgh Platter for me


a sexual act where a person poops on top of a glass table with another person lying underneath, watching. similar to the cleveland steamerbut it requires less clean up.

that trick paid me 300 dollars for a pittsburgh platter but i was so full of hi could only pop out some rabbit turds

i love watching my woman prepare a pittsburgh platter.

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To deficate on a cookie sheet, place in the oven and broil. Usually done when a roommate is getting "lucky" and you are not. Note: using Pam turns it into the Baltimore Broil.

Damn, Tom is getting laid again. Hand me the cookie sheet, it's time to Pittsbugh platter that jerk!


A Pittsburgh Platter is a steaming load of shit dumped off on a man's chest by a woman or man, whatever the preference may be.

Dude! She gave him a Pittsburgh Platter! That shit's so gross!

See shit, hot lunch, crap, load, fetish


to take a shit on your partner after engaging in anal sex

After I railed my girl friend in her ass, I dropped a nice Pittsburgh Platter on her chest


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