What is Playradioplay?


Self-acclaimed Nerd, and amazing Indie/Electro/Pop musician. Daniel Hunter (the only member) went to rehab when he was just 14 for drug/alcohol abuse after his father passed away. Upon returning, he turned to music and has been Straight Edge since September 28, 2004. He soon began posting demos on myspace and purevolume where he gained millions of fans. His love for Texas, girlfriend Madi, and building Legos with his best friend Texas Jon, has quite obviously, set him apart from the rest of todays musicians. He recently broke away from Island Records, and remains an unsinged artist.

PlayRadioPlay's (Dan's) myspace About Me:

Hello, my name is Daniel Lyston Barnett Hunter.

I'm 18 years old, Edge, and a Texan.

Boredom is the reason I make music, and nerdiness is the reason I make electronic music.

I build LEGOs with my best friend Texas Jon.

I love a girl named Madi.

That's really all there is to know about me.

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