What is Plutz?


The reduction in penis size after an erection.

After ejaculation, the penis will plutz to it's normal size.

See flacid, masturbation, ejaculation, erection


A fart-like sound made by pressing your lips together on someone else's body parts (arm, belly, cheek, neck, etc.) and blowing firmly enough until your lips vibrate on their skin.

I went to give her a kiss but surprised her with a plutz instead.

I gave my baby a plutz on the belly to make her laugh.

See raspberry, zerbert, fart, lips, flatulence


To collapse in exhaustion.

I've been carrying these heavy books all day, I'm going to plutz on the couch.

See collapse, tuckered out



1.A female who has below average ugly looks.

2. Something that is stupid

1. "Look at that chick over there! Man she's plutz!"

2. "Nah, thats just plutz"

See Monty


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