What is P.m.s.?


Plastered Morning Syndrome

a very bad hang over

Branden: last night was awsome

Justyn: yea it was but i got P.M.S.

Branden: yea my head is killing me to very bad hangover

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P.M.S is a abbreviation used during text-messaging and IMconversations meaning; Pretty Much the Same

Guy1- What are you doing?

Guy2- Not much, you?

Guy1- Oh well P.M.S., I've had a pretty uneventful day.

Guy2- Oh?! That's cool, I guess

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An Abbreviation for Potted Meat Sandwitch

Alex: Hey Kelton want a bite of my P.M.S.

Kelton: wtf are you talking about choad?!

Alex: No my Potted Meat Sandwitch.

Kelton: Yeah i'll try a bite

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