What is P!nk?


I think the one word that barely fits to describe this singer/songwriter is AMAZING. She is The SH!T. As well as being able to sing, she is smart and very funny too. And stunning to look at. Hot even. She's helped change the world, and could do even more so, if the dickheads out there would shut up and listen to what shes saying. Do the right thing, even if its not whats popular. And a sidenote, you dont have to be anorexic, act stupid, and be a slut to fit in with the world. Be yourself.

Has had some awesome songs and hits including:

You Make Me Sick

Get This Party Started

Just Like A Pill

Family Portrait


Who Knew

Leave Me Alone Im Lonely

U+Ur Hand

Cuz I Can

...and loads more.

Real name is Alecia Moore. Is married to Carey Hart, a famous motorcross rider. Who is one of the fittest guys on the planet. Further proof to just be yourself and guys will like you!

WHY isnt this girl president???

Jess: I love P!nk. She's the Sh!t

Josh: I know. She really is. Her voice is amazing. And I wouldnt kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

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An absolutely stunning female singer. Real name Alicia Moore. Hits include, Get The Party Started, U + Ur Hand, Family Portrait and loads more.

Concerts are amazing...well worth going to!

P!nk You sexy MOFO!!!

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A ugly dyke who can't sing, can't dance, can't do anything. She does hide her dick well though, it's hard to notice a bulge.

Dude look at those chicks! The hot one is kissing a P!nk, nasty lesbo.

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