What is P.o?


P.O stands for Project Originalz, a hood in Toronto, Ontario. The P.O is affiliated with the Piru Bloods gang. The P.O is sometimes called "Alexandra Park".

1: Yo nigga whats poppin' in the P.O

2: Nothin' much, just another day another dead man

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pissed off

god im so p.o. @ whats-her-face. that biotch needs a life

See pissed, piss, off, mad, angry


PROBATION OFFICER. Just about the coolest job anyone could ever have. They give you a cool badge that got me out of a speeding ticket on more than one occasion. Juvenile Probation is the best, you get to yell at punk ass kids all day long. So what if they threaten to kill us, it's all in good fun! We ride around the city all day and witness junkies sitting on their front steps smoking crack and wangsters smoking weed. People duck away from us when we ride by, like we care if they kill themselves slowly. We don't have to carry a gun, and if the kids run away from us we don't have to chase them. Best of all, everyone thinks you are a law-abiding citizen b/c you are a P.O. What a bunch of dumb-asses.

Officer: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

P.O. "I am a Probation Officer"..

Officer: "have a good day.."

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P.O stands for "Projects", P.O also is slang for "Alexendra park" inner city in toronto

"yo those p.o niggas got gats"

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P.O means Piss off or pissed off.

O M G! She like stole my whole bag of chips and I got so P.O. "P.O!! Give them back!"

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PROPERTY OF __________________

like P.O.M= Property of Me

what your boyfriend might write on your hand and the same you to him

also can be pissed off

an type of officer dude

and a post office

freddy wrote on my hand


i wrote "P.O.M"

i was so happy

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probation officer

Damn, dem p.os betta stop check'n on my piss!

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