What is P.o.d.?


P past

O over

D dosed

or really fuckin' faded

Lets get P. O. D. ded smokin blunts thats all thats needed


Payable on Death, a band comprised of Christians. While their music isn't officially considered Christian music, it is an element in it.

I love P.O.D.'s song "Youth of the Nation."

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P assed

O ut

D ead

After smoking dank nugs one is so high that they fall into a sleep that they cannot be woken from.

Jose was P.O.D. after ripping that bong.

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1.(Payable on Death) An American christian nu-metal(genre is debatable) band

2. Problems of Democracy

1. Paul: Do you like P.O.D.

Greg: eh, they're ok

2. Steve: Man, whats wrong with America these days?

John: dude, It's the P.O.D.

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A band of Christians, a good band. In my Opinion.

Guy: Who is P.O.D.?

Jordan: A kick ass band!


Acronym for the types of shit you need to take when you need to spray the bathroom with air freshener for five minutes afterward. I.E. Profusely Odiferous Defecation

Most people have already observed the P.O.D. first-hand. You're walking down the hall, about 20 feet away from the bathroom and the stink is absolutely overwhelming. The previous occupant just dropped a P.O.D.

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Post Orgasmic Disorder.

Waking up next to someone with great regret.

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