What is Poddy?


"Poddy" is a term used to describe one of the most arrogant wankers you'll ever meet.

Did you see Poddy the other night? what a cunt?

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A Rye drinking Russian that vacations 48 weeks a year. Know for their mastery of fingering.

Guy #1. Hey, did you hook up last night?

Guy #2. Yeah, we went back to her house and I Poddy'd the shit out of her.

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A person who is obsessed with their iPod/iPod touch/iPhone

will Billy stop being such a poddy and join the party.

See technophile, musicphile, loner, geek


A person who is way in person form.

Way Poddy Way


A poddy is a person who is obsessed with the half life mod counter-strike.

An insult.

"Omfg i was playin counterstrike last night and this poddy pwned me."


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