What is P.o.g.?


Piss On Grave. The opposite of R.I.P. Used to deface memorials of dead scumbags.

I spray-painted P.O.G. over the dead gang member's R.I.P. memorial mural.

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A person, usually a girl, who someone spends time with and who they cut for (care for); not necessarily the girlfriend, but one who plays the role.

Friend: Dang, she might as well be yo girlfriend! She's always with you!

Guy: I know man, that's my lil P.O.G. She stay downfor me. She may just be my future wifey.

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Pussy of Gold, considered the best tasting, best looking, softest, tightest pussy of all. No others compare to it.

"Gwen has the P.O.G."

"Has what?"

"The pussy of gold, it looks, tastes, and feels better than anything you can imagine"

"But she keeps it guarded like Ft. Knox"

"Yeah, but I got a key to the golden city"

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