What is Pokeslut?


A girl who will give sexual favours in exchange for pokemon merchandise, *especially holographic and rare pokemon cards*

Leroy:" Yo whats good girl,I see you have some pokemon on your shirt"

Pokeslut: "Yes I love pokemon, how about you "

Leroy :"Hell yea girl , I got all the cards and the games"

Pokeslut: "Oh really, you wouldn't happen to have any extra promo charizards would you"

Leroy: "Well I might be able to pull a few strings for you if you pull a few strings for me, if you know what i'm saying"

Pokeslut: "well maybe we can go in your car and I'll see what I can do for you big boy,I gotta see the card first though"

Leroy: "No Problem girl, I got all my card albums in the car"

Pokeslut" So what? do you want a blowjob or what"

Leroy "Shiiiiet , If you want that promo charizard you know what you gotta do "

Pokeslut " alright big boy"

*then proceeds to do a sexual favour in exchange for the card*

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