What is Polterbytes?


Polter (geist); (German) A ghost or spirit suppose to manifest its presence by noises,knockings, etc.

Bytes:(Computer Technology)A unit of information for processing in computer systems equal to one character or eight bits.

Polterbytes: Any malfunction that results in a computer system crashing by being infected with spywear, bots,ad wear, trojan horses, virus's etc.

Polterbytes ate my whole thirty page dissertation.

Polterbytes crashed my PC right in the middle of reading e-mail.

Polterbytes placed pictures of nude men

that pop up when doing homework with the kids.

Polterbytes keep jumping spam guards.

Polterbytes from Africa keep appearing telling me they have a million dollar jackpot waiting for my response.

Polterbytes keep popping up with pictures of hot local babes that are dieing to meet me.

See ghosts, spirits, spooks


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