What is Polynesia?


A division of Oceania including scattered islands of the central and southern Pacific Ocean roughly between New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island. The larger islands are volcanic, the smaller ones generally coral formations. It's inhabitants are unruly, and are often refered to as "The Tiki People". One common misconception of them is that they are normal Oceanic people, however, this is not the case. Polynesians wear grass skirts and each possess at least one skullcapped staff, as it is thier tradition. They throw rocks and bones at each other around the nightly campfires, and peirce thier bodies with the aformentioned objects. Polynesians never lose thier instinctual behavior, as it is scientifically proven to be carried down even into the 50th generation of Polyneisans, even when the individual possessed only one ancestor with Polynesian descent.

You are a Polynesian Tiki kid, stop waving that staff around me Brittany.


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