What is P.o.n.?


pronounced "pon". not the same as pon.

P.O.N.: Punk Over Night. Individuals who purchase items like black jelly bracelets, fingerless gloves, Misfits patches, and Sex Pistols t-shirts from Hot Topic and then believe they've joined a movement. Tend to yell things such as "ANARCHY!" and "FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT!" at no one without knowing why, but they know they like their spiky leather belt.

Devoid of any original thought processes or ideas. Usually found cruising myspace for makeup/hair ideas and bands to pretend to listen to.

Tend to slut around with other PON's or real punks to try to earn their respect. They usually don't suceed.

Lizzy is such a fucking PON. Last month she was wearing her goddamn Juicy velour tracksuit and now she's busting and Operation Ivy t-shirt and has pierced her nose.


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