What is Poose?


Vagina. Shortened version of pussy.

Hey, want some poose?

See Amy


POOSE (n.) "Pewse"

Colloquial Scots term for 'cat'.

"Cam tey grips, ye wee raj - yer poose has shat ayl awaer ma livin' rhume!"

From "McCatSpotting" by Irwin Scots.

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a male friend who gets female tendencies such as whining, mood swings, easily irritated, etc...

"bro, its not a big deal. stop being such a poose....

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A term coined in New Zealand meaning a very large cat. That is, a "puss the size of a moose".

May be used in reference to a large person who is the size of a moose but acts like a common household cat.

"Dude, where's your poose?"

"Where's my poose dude?"

"Oooooch, I am a poose, it's true." (said while scratching furniture or padding down bed.)

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when somebody consistently backs out of getting wasted, giving various excuses

me: Yo dude, lets go get wasted....

dc: nah i gotta chill with my gf

me: dude your a fucking poose

me: dude hows that dip treating you?

dc2: (pukes in 8 oz cup)


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A sweet cat or kitten, the pick of the litter!

Man, that cat is such a <i> poose</i>!

Aww, what a nice kitty, she's a total <i>poose</i> cat!

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Do the poose, means to run away, or get out of somewhere as quickly as possible.

Can also be used to describe someone in a negative light eg someone moaning, complaining or wimping out.

"Shit we've been spotted"

"quick, do the poose"


"i can't be bothered, lets go home"

"stop being a poose"

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