What is Popsexual?


A person who defines themself as 'heterosexual', 'bisexual', or even 'homosexual' depending on what's popular in the current media.

After Spears and Madonna kissed on MTV, everyone was claiming to be bisexual. You know they're only popsexual.

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Someone who is sexually attracted to popsicles.

Guy: Did you see the way she sucked on the popsicle?

Girl: Yea, she's way popsexual.

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The latin root of "pop" is "people", therefore popsexuals are those who have the capability of being attracted to and loving any people, similar to a pansexual. Individuals belonging to this orientation percieve all as people and synonymously, as a group of lovable beings. Popsexuals see past gender, or any other uncontrollable identity characterstic and see and love the person.

"He's a popsexual-- he digs peoples' solidarity of character, who they are beneath that which defines them hereditarily and biologically on the surface."

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Also known as "scene", popsexual is a teenage trend. Kids following this trend are not difficult to find, mostly because they insist on being the center of attention. They love big bright fake hair and whatever sells at Hot Topic. These kids are brighter than a box of highlighters and usually covered in piercings.

The teenagers you see in Hot Topic that look like they got shit on by a rainbow.

Parent: Why in the name of arse do you want thirty different colours in your hair?!

Popsex teen: Because it's popsexual, duh!

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