What is Porchmonkey?


Slang originally held to highlight the segregation-induced laziness of negros in pre-civil rights era America.

The movie "Clerks 2" attempts to re-conceptualize the word by proposing that there is nothing inherently black about porches, monkeys, or laziness.

From Clerks 2:

Randal: Since when did "porchmonkey" become a racial slur?

Dante: Since ignorant rednecks started saying at a hundred years ago.

Randal: "Porchmonkey" is something my grandmother use to call me because I use to sit on the porch all day looking at the neighbors.

Dante: That's like calling someone a "kike". Did you ever think that your grandmother was a racist?

Randal: No way. She had the utmost respect for the Jewish community. She use to tell me to be nice to the Jewish kids or else they'd put the sheeny curse on me.


Randal: What!?

Dante: Sheeny is a racial term for Jewish people...your grandmother was a racist.

Randal: My grandmother was not a racist! Wait... Now that I think of it...she did refer to a broken bottle as a "nigger knife" once. Maybe my grandmother was kind of a racist.

Dante: You think?

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A "porchmonkey" is someone of negro origin that happens to be too lazy to sleep in their own home provided by benefit, so the negro sleeps on a white mans porch and becomes a porchmonkey.

"Damn son go get ma shotgun, there be another nigger on ma porch" "Ok pa, lets torch him!"


Any one from any ethnic background, who is lazy,stupid and sits on the porch all doing nothing at all. These people rely on the government to give them welfare checks and food stamps to live, even though they are able to work.

1: those porchmonkeys piss me off

2: yeah, they are real pieces of trash

1: how do these lazy people get aid for doing nothing and i cant get a dime from the government to help with school. Porchmonkeys have no potential in life.

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a black son of a bitch that loves to sleep on the porch and snore like a monkey

Pedro and Frank, look at that saggy old porchmonkey!

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a black redneck, preferably illterate and ugly

"Jimmy, why the fuck are you such a porchmonkey?"

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i lazy black negro.

Look at that lazy porchmonkey asleep in that watermelon patch.

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another more suggestive name for a nigger.

Those damn porchmonkeys wont stop breeding.

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