What is Porky?


A derogatory nickname applied to an overweight person

''oi! porky get ya ass over ere!''

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A big lie. From the english rhyming slang 'porky pies', which rhymes with lies.

Axel: Did you hear that I was elected pope?

Jeeves: Thats a porky. Stop telling porkies.

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A porky is a british slang for a very big lie.

Possibly referring to the telling of a "Big fat lie".

"I think Edward was telling me porkies... I shall kill him forthwith."

"If you ever give me a porky again, I'll slit you open, and bog in your ear."

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another word for a vagina west indian term

she porky nice

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One crazy mother fucker from a planet not near you....A man who parties like its going out of style, with a smile like porky

porky That dude is fucking nuts!!!! he's not from around here, he must be "porky"

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Getting fat, or putting on weight

You get to be 24 25, you can no longer eat what you like, you muscles wave a little white flag and suddenly your a porky bastered

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Another word for a fat, stupid person. Or anyone named Natalia.

Omg! You ate that pig like a porky!

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