What is Pornoisseur?


a person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments on porn, particularly one of hard core, or in matters of perversion: a connoisseur of porn.

Persons whos eyes bleed and their soul is emptied by the consumption of so much porn they earn the title "pornoisseur" and become subject matter experts on internet, video, sex scene and/or other porn matters.

See connoisseur


Combination of the words ‘porn’ and ‘connoisseur’ to indicate someone (male or female) who is a discerning and responsible consumer of pornography, as opposed to someone who wanks off to whatever they can find or someone whose tastes are highly dubious.

A pornoisseur:

* possesses a great deal of knowledge about pornography and awareness of its genres, gained over many years, but is not remotely interested in viewing anything sick, abusive or illegal

* has informed and discriminating taste and can distinguish the good porn from the bad

* enjoys porn and recommends it to their friends as part of a healthy sexual relationship

Yeah, I suppose you could call me a pornoisseur: I spent ages in a sex shop the other day choosing DVDs. There’s a lot to take into consideration as those DVDs ain’t cheap!: production values, how hot are the women, how hot are the men, how long is it, what’s the genre…

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