What is Poughquag?


common slang: PQ (pee-cue)

perhaps one of the most happening places in the greater new york region, that still gracefully maintains its charming "small town feel". its closest major city is poughkeepsie, but is far cooler. poughquag comes complete with 3 gas stations, a few housing developments, and 2 traffic lights. also home to stop & shop, the beekman rec and skate park, the john deer store, cumbys, barton orchards, joe the grower, dunkin donuts, pleasant ridge pizza, beekman beverage barn, the beekman plaza and its stentch...etc. basically its better than the town you are from.

note: the youth population of the area commonly deem themselves the 'PQ crew' and are by far the coolest, raddest, funniest, most spontaneos group of kids ever...they rock...HARD. and that is fo sho.

Dam, those kids from Poughquag sure know how to party.


A small town nestled in the asscrack of land between Poughkeepsie and Pawling in New York. Though geographically the greatest happenings are the price changes at the gas stations, or the opening of a skate park, its residents are what its known for. The youth of Poughquag, known as the PQ Crew, are known for thier ridiculous outbursts of randomness, drunken bouts of genius, and general lack of shame that makes them the rockingest people around.

Poughquag, its more than just cows!

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a good place to get CRUNK

You know how we do in the PQ (the most common abbreviation of poughquag)

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