What is Poundtown?


The place where one takes a woman when he is looking for sexual pleasure, as quickly as possible, with no thoughts of being tender, caring, gentle, etc...

"Hey, you look rather well rested. I thought you took that girl home last night."

"Yeah, but I took her to poundtown, so my sleep was not compromised the least bit."

See hook up, score


The act of sexual intercourse often containing quick, powerful thrust from the male. Taking someone to poundtown often results in extended periods of time where slapping and clapping noises can be heard.

"I really like this girl. I wanna take her to places shes never been and places shes never seen. Tonight i take her to poundtown!"

Girl 1: "Let me guess, he was a minute man!"

Girl 2: "Minute man??? Far from it! Girl last night he took me to poundtown!"

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Fucking a girl really hard.

I took that chick I picked up last night to Poundtown.

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