What is Pox?


Another name for syphilis

If you catch the Pox you might die.

See syphilis, vd, std, stds


Bad, awful, really crappy.

"That movie was absolutley POX!!


a curse, or hex

"A pox on your house"

See pox, curse, hex, a pox


A way for Mondo to turn your players into shit.

Created from the depths of Mondo's Hell this cleaver little spell has been know to unleash unfathomable wrath upon who it is cast. Let all FF players beware when Mondo unleashes a POX your player will go down and there is nothing that can be done about it. If you attempt to mock the POX you will only add fuel to the spell for it runs on negative human emotions.

Mondo just unleashed a POX on Lord Stewart's fat, smelly, retarded carcass. Say goodbye to your homo loving team because I POX you. Moss and Brady are now officially POXED!

Mondo POXED Rico and his whole team went down to injury, true story.

See jynx, spell, shit bag, disease, drew


Another word for hash

Thats some good moroccan pox!


A surreal cable access show in NYC, involving sock puppets.

"Watch Pox! Be Pox!"

See Valerie


The best thing ever. Pox is a word I use to talk with my friends, I write it everywhere, I call everyone pox. Basically, pox is all. All is pox.

Hey Pox, did you do your homework?

See Saurion


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