Poy Poy

What is Poy Poy?


Poy Poy is one of the most underrated multiplayer games to hit the playstation console in the late 90's.

Basic gameplay involved 4 characters running around a small arena and throwing objects (logs, rocks, rockets) at each other. Eventually the last man standing is the winner of that round, however the overall winner is determined by hit points and the order at which they died that particular round.

Each player also gets to select a glove which gives them a unique power. For instance the 'Flash Wall' glove unleashes a wide transparent wall across the arena depending on where the player is facing. Another glove 'Ghost' lets the player throw objects above the arena. When another player walks underneath the object, it falls on top of them.

Poy Poys main appeal isn't the graphics, but the sheer comedic value conveyed while playing your buddies while drinking some breskis.

Unfortunately the developer Konami pushed aside the game due to lack of sales. Poy Poy would have dominated the arcade multiplayer industry had it been released for Xbox Live or PSP gaming.

Oh man, I just owned everyone at Poy Poy. Ben was kicking my ass until I threw that rather large rocket at him.

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1. The most wonderful expression of human existence; a mode or manner of existing not yet recognized by mortals.

Poy poy is coming... eventually.

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