What is P&p?


(verb) to "Party & Play". Term seems to originate from Craigslistand/or other personal ads where the poster of the ad is in search of someone to Party (Do drugs. Usually Crystal Meth.) and Play (Engage in sex acts or intercourse.) with, just for the day/night. This term seems to be most prevalent among homosexual men.

Hung White Man, 35, ISO young Vin Diesel look-alike for P&P, you host. I'll bring the D!


Postage and packaging

The P&P for this item will be £5

See posting, postal, packaging, shipping


Pulling out and Praying not to get pregnant.

P&P is a unreliable form of birth controle.

See pull, sex, pregnancy, pray


Abbrivation of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

The BBC/A&E version of P&P with Colin Firth is perfect!


pain & pleasure, another word for s&m (sadomasochistic sex), having sex using handcuffs, whips etc.

Billie Joe's into p&p.

See sex, pain, pleasure, whip, handcuffs


pizza and piss up

when you go out to eat takeaway pizza and get pissed

is there a P&P this friday?

See pizza, piss, alcohol, takeaway, fun


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