What is Pre-cum?


Pre-cum refers to a viscous liquid that oozes from the opening at the tip of a man's penis when he is sexually aroused. It is a clear, generally odorless and tasteless liquid that is released by the Cowper's glands. When a man is HIV-positive, pre-cum sometimes has the virus in it. Sometimes spelled precum.

When my brother looks at porno he gets hard and starts leaking so much pre-cum he makes a big wet spot in his pants.


Clear lubricating fluid secreted from penis after arousal.

Precum oozed from his throbbing cock head.


The clear liquid that exudes from many squeezable ketchup containers.

Every time I try to eat a hot dog, I get pre-cum on my meal. And that's why you shake the ketchup

See ketchup, cum, semen, jizz, squeeze, liquid


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