What is Pregnancy?


You are indeed, my friend, 100% Totally screwed.

Please Bitch Don't say your pregnant.Fuck I'm off to the pub


If you have to come here to figure out what this word means, I hope your girlfriend never becomes it.

PregnantGirl: My boyfriend stuck his pizzle in my vizzle and now I'm in a state of pregnancy.

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The condition of being pregnant.

Mavis craved toothpaste throughout her pregnancy.


The most common STD.

Person: Is pregnancy an STD?

Me: Yes, it is.

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to be pregnant, to be in bad shit. as in, give-up-your-hopes-and-dreams-you-sorry-fuck-this-means-game-over bad shit.

"let's not talk about pregnancy. that could never happen to us."

"i'm pregnant."



The most common sexually transmitted disease known to man.

Jill: I had sex with a male prostitute and caught pregnancy...again...

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Depending on the female's age, it be a good moment or a bad moment. If the women is married it's a good moment but for some teenage girls it's usually viewed as a bad moment. There are however a few teenage girls that view it as a good moment. Nevertheless teenage pregnancy is increasing so if you want to have sex but not want to get pregnant use a condom and/or birth control or a second form of protection

pregnancy leads to the birth of a life. Abortion is killing an innocent life

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