What is Prem?



Where is the Prem in my heart?


Prem is a term derived from 'premature', meaning undeveloped. It is used to describe teenage boysthat have not yet hit puberty, i.e they are short and beardless with an unbrokenvoice, this deems them unattractive. 'Prem' can also be used to describe short girlswith no boobs, although it is less common being used in this form.

'I would never lipse that boy, he's too prem and ting'

See midget, shorty, Cows


a male who attracts many females, also knows as a stud or a G

look at that prem over there with those girls

See cutie, sexy, hot, cute, handsome


A renowned person in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Known for being very hot and good at football. Studied from Greenherald. A general nice guy but hated by many envious people.

Prem, mvp?

See mvp, hero, hindu, 9


short for the english premiership

when dicks older, he will play in the prem

See premiership, premier league


"merp" backwards

Has no background whatsoever of mayo, males, nor rape.

Can be used as a response to "merp"

Can be employed as a meaningless reply to "merp", or can be used to suggest the opposite meaning of "merp"; this to be determined at speaker's discretion

Speaker 1: "merp!"

Speaker 2: "prem"

Speaker 1: "don't do that"


a boy i know who i think may not believe in santa... he is taller then me.... hes very good at chemistry...he makes me CDs and smile

oh prem u do make me laugh, but i do not understand your sarcasm

See secret admirer


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