What is Prepcore?


1. A style of dress that incorporates a sense of style with classic punk rock ethics.

2. A style of music made popular by the DC area rock band known as The Ashwins. This music is often influenced by the "punk" movements of the 1970's and '80's, as well as the "Pop-Punk" movement of the late 1990's and the third wave revival of ska music. Members of Prepcore bands often sport a classically clean look, with more of a raw edge.

3. An attitude which conveys a sense of self-worth, often combined with a rejection of social norms. those who sport this attitude often take great pride in the way they dress, in an effort to show that a clean cut appearance and "punk" ideals do not always cancel eachother out.

"Have you heard that new prepcore band from Bethesda? They're off the chain!"

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well prepcore (mainly in boca raton) is a little hard to explain but this is bassically the "typical" prepcore.

-prepcore are mostly girls

-prepcore girls usually wear like skin thight paul frank pajamas (not jeans or pants)

-often listen to scholastic deth or throwdown

-hair often consists of a mullet style but usually dyed black with highlights.

-wear havy and colorful makeup

-wears black framed glasses and usually sports mouth hardware

-often seen trying to hardcore dance at hXc shows

-is usally so full of themselves

-takes pictures with only half of their faces in the pic or bend down so that their cleavage is exposed and then they scribble over the cleavage (ALWAYS POSTS THE PICS ON MYSPACE)

-mainly bisexual or likes hardcore guys

-either listens to or just listens as joke to old school 90's rap groups like 2 live crew or know like one song by dr.dre

-waers brands like american eagle, paul frank while sporting band tees and shit like that.

prepcore girl- like OMG dr.acula is coming down here!

prepcore girl 2- really?, cool let's makeout!

prepcore girl- umm.. ok!

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Prepcore is one who is a form of a prep yet they cannot stand other preps for some reason?. Their main classification is that of an emo. They listen to hardcore and screamo rock music, and HATE Rap Music, but is a sucker for boy bands. The Prepcore loves Fashion and is trendy. The Prepcore dresses in surfer, skater, but mostly emoattire (black nailpolish, tight pants, the whole nine yards). Pink is their favorite colour! It makes them feel Sexy! Prepcore's are non-intentionally bi-polar. They are always on a high (extremely hyper) but when on lows they are extremely depressed (with thoughts of suicide). Prepcore's internally hate themselves low self esteem, but publically cover it up by smiling (unexplainable hyperness). Prepcore's are always seen writing in a journal, usually writing lyrics, stories, or poems. Prepcore's are blunt and have sly sarcasm, but really are sensitive and insecure. Prepcore's portray innocence but are rebellious and wild at heart. Prepcore's love being surrounded in darkness. Prepcore's stand out in a sea of emos and gothic friends because of their vibrant personalities, but they so think that I'm like the coolest person ever! Ha!

Prepcore's are generally attracted to hot Emo Guys/Girls who are musically skilled and talented. No one else is good enough!

*This is SO's Pathetic!

"Prepcore's are so dramatic yet, so hardcore."

"I am %100 Prepcore!"

"Prepcore girls and Emo boys are a perfect match!"

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When a preppy person trys to act like a hardcoreperson.

See poser.

Person 1: Look at Trevor, he's so prepcore.

Person 2: Huh? Prepcore?

Person 1: Yeah. He's wearing a Polo shirt and Dockers pants, yet he's listening to From Autumn To Ashes because he thinks it makes him hXc. What a poser.


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