Price Is Right Rules

What is Price Is Right Rules?


Abiding by the standards of the preliminary bidding and showcase rounds of the game show The Price is Right. Specifically, a guessing game participant tries to guess the value which is the closest to being correct without going over.


Me: Dude, I got a game we can play; let's guess the price of people's crap on Antique Roadshow.

Joe: Alright. "Price is Right" rules!


Me: Ok guys, try to guess how much I weigh.

Paul: 81.6 kilos! Ok, ok.. 180 pounds.

Joe: 201 pounds.

Me: "Price is Right" rules -- right?

Joe: Ya.

Me: OK, I guess 202.

Joe: You bastard!

Me: Alright, let's see... Damn! I'm 199!

Paul: Wow, dude, you're fat. But, hey.. I win!

Joe: F-that... I was closest, you were way off! Friggin' "Price is Right" rules...

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